Packard Bell Mercure M/Board

Mercure board diagram



JP18 - Clear CMOS Jumper (CMOS)2-3: Normal operation (default)
1-2: Clear current BIOS default settings
JP15 - Safe Mode/Recovery/Normal jumper 1-2: Normal (default)
2-3: Safe Mode (Restores safe values / loads the BIOS setup on boot)
Open: Recovery (used only to flash a corrupted BIOS)
JP4 - Suspend To RAM (STR)Open: Disable STR mode
Close: Enable STR mode
JP3 - PS/2 Keyboard Power On1-2: Enabled (default)
2-3: Disabled
JP1 - Rear USB Device Wake Up Selection1-2: Enabled (default)
2-3: Disabled
JP24 - CNR Selection1-2: CNR Secondary (Default)
2-3: CNR Primary AC'97 (onboard CODEC) disabled
JP31 - Front USB Keyboard Wake up1-2: Enabled (default)
2-3: Disabled