Packard Bell Houston 4 M/Board

houston4 board diagram



JP3 - Clear CMOS Settings1-2 : Normal operation (default)
2-3 : Clear current CMOS settings.
JP11 - Suspend to RAMOpen : Disable Suspend to RAM (default)
Close : Enable Suspend to RAM
JP26 - Set Flash Memory1-2 : Normal (default)
2-3 : Restore Settings
Open : Recovery
JP30 - USB Keyboard Wakeup1-2 : USB keyboard wakeup disabled (default) 
2-3 : USB keyboard wakeup enabled
JP31 - Audio CODEC selection 1-2: Primary
2-3: Disable CODEC
Open: Secondary
JP34 - USB device wake up1-2: Wake up disabled
2-3: Wake up enabled (default)

Note about the USB features: There is support for 4 USB ports on the motherboard, all of which are active at the same time (thus no need for a USB selection jumper). The jumper JP34 is used to activate Wake up from S3 state (one of the ACPI sleep modes).