Packard Bell Halley M/Board

halley board diagram

The Halley motherboard is almost identical to the Florida motherboard. Both are described as MSI-6340 by the manufacturer MSI. The difference is in the chipsets: the Florida uses the VIA« Apollo KT133 chipset, and the Halley has the VIA« Apollo KM133 chipset. This chipset has the S3 ProSavage 4 video chipset integrated, giving the Halley integrated video as well as an AGP-port for AGP video-cards.



JBAT1 - Clear CMOS jumper1-2: Normal operation (default)
2-3: Clear current BIOS
J5 - Bios Configuration Access 1-2: Normal operation (default)
2-3: Access BIOS maintenance Panel 
None: BIOS Recovery