Packard Bell Atlantis M/Board

Atlantis board diagram

Note - The Atlantis motherboard is almost equal to the Atlantis P motherboard. The difference lies in the chipsets.

The Atlantis motherboard has the Intel 815E Chipset, featuring integrated video using Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) as well as an AGP slot for add-on AGP 4x video cards. The Atlantis P motherboard has the Intel 815EP chipset. The added P means that the chipset has no integrated video like the 815E chipset, only an AGP port for add-on AGP 4x video cards.

You will not be able to see the difference between the motherboards from the connectors on the back. As they have identical lay-outs you will find a video connector on both motherboards. The video connector on the Atlantis motherboard can be used to connect the monitor, but the video connector on the Atlantis P is not functional and will be covered in production with a small plastic cap.

Another difference is a label on the motherboard: The code C-NF specifies the Atlantis P motherboard and the code NF the Atlantis motherboard

atlantis detail zoom.jpg



JP15 - Safe Mode/Recovery/Normal selection   1-2: Normal (default)
2-3: Safe Mode (restores safe values and automatically loads the BIOS setup on boot)
Open: Recovery (used only to flash a corrupted BIOS)
JP11 - Suspend to RAMOpen : Disable Suspend to RAM (default)
Close : Enable Suspend to RAM
JP21 - Top Block Jumper1-2 Close: unlock (Default)
1-2 Open: lock (impossible to reflash boot block)