Packard Bell 872 M/Board

872 board diagram

Item    DescriptionItem    Description
AWake On Ring ConnectorSFan 1 Connector
BPCI SlotsTFloppy Connector
CYamahaSD1-L PCI AcceleratorUSCSI HD Connector
DWake On LAN Connector (Optional)VFront Panel Connectors
ECD Audio ConnectorWPrimary IDE Connector
FCD-ROM Audio/Telephony/Aux.Line-In Connectors    XSecondary IDE Connector
GChassis Intrusion ConnectorYAGP Port
HRear Port ConnectorsZ82371EB PIIX4E
JDual USB PortsAAPC/PCI Connector
KPS/2 Keyboard & Mouse PortsBBSMC FDC37M707 Super I/O Controller
LSLOT1 SEC Cartridge ConnectorCCBattery
MFan 3 ConnectorDDFlash BIOS
N82443BX PCI AGP Controller (PAC)EESystem Configuration Jumper Block (J8A1)
PFan 2 ConnectorFFPiezo Speaker
QDIMM socketsGGISA Slots
RPower Supply Connector  



J8A1 - CMOS Clear

1-2Normal Operation. The BIOS uses current configuration information and passwords for booting.
2-3Configure. After POST, CMOS Setup runs automatically. The maintenance menu is displayed.
NoneRecovery. The BIOS attempts to recover the BIOS information. A recovery diskette is required.