Packard Bell 870 M/Board

870 board diagram

Item    DescriptionItem    Description
AWake On Ring ConnectorRFan 1 Connector
BPCI SlotsSFloppy Connector
CSMC FDC37C777 Super I/O Controller    TFront Panel Connectors (J8G2)
DWake On LAN Connector (Optional)USecondary IDE Connector
ECrystal CS4236BVPrimary IDE Connector
FAux. Line-In Connector (Optional)WFront Panel Connectors
GTelephony Connector (Optional)XAGP Port
HCD-ROM Audio Connector (Optional)Y82371EB PIIX4E
JFan 3 ConnectorZPC/PCI Connector
KRear Port ConnectorsAACrystal CS4611 PCI Audio Accelerator (Optional)
LSLOT1 SEC Cartridge ConnectorBBBattery
M82443BX PCI AGP Controller (PAC)CCFlash BIOS
NFan 2 ConnectorDDSystem Configuration Jumper Block (J8A1)
PDIMM socketsEEPiezo Speaker
QPower Supply ConnectorFFISA Slots



J8A11-2 : Normal. The BIOS uses current configuration information and passwords for booting.
2-3 : Configure. After POST, CMOS Setup runs automatically. The maintenance menu is displayed.
None : Recovery. The BIOS attempts to recover the BIOS information. A recovery diskette is required.

BIOS Upgrade

The Flash Memory Update Program (FMUP) provides utilities:

BIOS Upgrade Procedure

Cache Upgrade

The Intel Pentium II CPU has 32K level 1 cache and 512 KB level 2 cache containedin the Single Edge Contact cartridge. The cache is non-upgradeable.

CPU Upgrade

CPU upgradable up to Intel Pentium II 500MHz.

RAM Upgrade

Video RAM Upgrade

The motherboard has no on-board video graphics controller. Video RAM upgrades are dependent on the specifications of the video card being used. Refer to the documentation for the specific video card being used.