Packard Bell 800/805 M/Board

800/805 Motherboard Diagram

Item    DescriptionItem     Description
APS/2 Keyboard PortNDIMM Sockets
BPS/2 Mouse PortPPower Supply Connector
CParallel PortQFloppy Connector
DSerial Port 2RPrimary IDE Connector
ESerial Port 1SSecondary IDE Connector
FUSB PortsTCYP2275A Frequency Generator
GPCI SlotsUPC97307-VUL Super I/O Controller
HYamaha OPL3-SA3 Solder Pad (Optional)    VSystem Configuration Jumper Block J8B2
IAGP PortWYamaha OPL4-ML Wavetable Upgrade Module Headers (Optional)
JBatteryXFlash BIOS
K82443LX PCI AGP Controller (PAC)Y82371AB PIIX4
LSLOT1 SEC Cartridge ConnectorZISA Slots
MHeatsink Support Base  



J8B21-2 : Normal. The BIOS uses current configuration information and passwords for booting.
2-3 : Configure. After POST, CMOS Setup runs automatically. The maintenance menu is displayed.
None : Recovery. The BIOS attempts to recover the BIOS information. A recovery diskette is required.

BIOS Upgrade

The Flash Memory Update Program (FMUP) provides utilities:

The BIOS can be updated from a file.
The current BIOS code can be copied from the Flash EPROM to a disk file as a backup.
The current BIOS can be compared with a file on the disk.

BIOS Upgrade Procedure

Cache Upgrade

No cache can be installed on the motherboard. The cache memory is integrated in the CPU.

CPU Upgrades

The following processors can be installed on this motherboard:

After installation of a new processor, jumper J8B2 must be set to 2-3. After this, when the computer is started, the BIOS setup will appear automatically with the option to change the CPU speed.

Memory Upgrades

Video Memory Upgrades

The motherboard has no on-board video graphics controller. Video RAM upgrades are dependent on the specifications of the video card being used. Refer to the documentation for the specific video card being used.


PIIX4E And Celeron Support

For the motherboard to support PIIX4E (Ultra DMA data transfer) or the Celeron CPU, you need to download and install BIOS version P08.0010. from Packard Bell's support site.

EDO 16MEG DIMMS Cause System To Just Beep

EDO 16MB DIMMs will not function in any slot using one or two DIMMs. The system will return no video, and a POST beep code will occur when powered on. The beep code is: 1 - 3 - 3 - 1

This is because you must use SDRAM DIMMs. The memory requirements are as follows:

Yamaha OPL3-SA3 Sound Chip

Known Issues

Why do video and CPU fan not work after replacing PB800 motherboard?

After an on-site for the PB800 motherboard in my system with a 233 MHz processor, there is no video and the CPU fan does not work. What can I do to get the system running again?

This situation might occur when the BIOS of the replacement motherboard has not been set back to its original settings. The motherboard probably has been tested in the factory with a faster CPU.

The solution for this issue is to reset the BIOS settings to their original values. To achieve this follow these steps: