Packard Bell 1021 M/Board

1021 board diagram

Item    DescriptionItem    Description
AParallel, Serial & VGA PortsPBattery
BPS/2 Mouse PortQCMOS Clear Jumper (JBAT1)
CPS/2 Keyboard PortRIntel 82371EB PIIX4E Chipset
DRJ-45 Network Cable JackSAward Flash BIOS
EMicrophone JackTPower-On Mode Jumper (JP1)
FSpeaker JackUCPU Bus Frequency Selection Jumper (JK1/J6)
G Aux Line-In Connector (J8) VDIMM Sockets
HMIDI/Game Port Connector Header (JAUD1)    WAGP Bus Frequency Selection Jumper (JK2/J7)
JYamaha YMF740C-V Audio ControllerXIntel FW82443BX AGP Controller Chipset
KIntel 82559 10/100M Ethernet ControllerYCPU Socket (SLOT1)
LPiezo BuzzerZATI 3D Rage XL 
MCPU Fan Power ConnectorAAOnboard VGA Jumper (JVGA1) 
NRear USB Port Header (JUSB1)



CMOS Clear Jumper (JBAT1)

Normal/Save CMOS settings
Clear CMOS settings

Caution : When clearing the CMOS settings, the power cord must be unplugged (since the standby power for the PIIX4E chipset comes from the power supply) and let the system rest for five seconds for the power to clear before returning the jumper to the Normal position.

Onboard VGA Jumper (JVGA1)

Enable onboard VGA
Disable onboard VGA

CPU Bus Frequency Selection Jumper (JK1)

Automatically detect 66MHz and 100MHz CPU Bus Frequency
Virtually set 66MHz CPU Bus Frequency into 100MHz

AGP Bus Frequency Selection Jumper (JK2)

66MHz AGP Bus Frequency
AGP Bus Frequency same as CPU Bus Frequency


After Upgrading BIOS With 1020.EXE There Is No Video

The BIOS file 1020.exe is incorrect. 1021.exe must be used. Download 1021.exe and allow the files to extract to the floppy (this should be done on a Windows 98 system). Insert the diskette with the BIOS file into the floppy drive, and restart the computer. The BIOS flash will occur automatically. A loud beep or series of beeps will indicate when it is finished. The beeps are separate from the first few beeps as the unit is turned on. These will occur about 2 minutes later. Restart the computer, and video will return.