Packard Bell 1010 M/Board

1010 board diagram

Item      DescriptionItem    Description
AParallel PortMIntel 82371EB PIIX4E
BSerial Port 1NConfiguration Jumper (J5G1)
CPS/2 Mouse ConnectorPSMC FDC37C777
DPS/2 Keyboard Connector     QCR-2032 Battery
ESerial Port 2RPiezo Speaker
FUSB ConnectorsSSlot 1 Connector
GLine OutTIntel 82440BX PAC
HMIC InUFan Connector
JLine InVDIMM sockets
KCD-ROM HeaderWAGP Connector
LCrystal Audio 4235  

This motherboard MUST be used in conjunction with an NLX form factor riser card. An example of such a riser card appears below.

Riser Card Diagram

Item    DescriptionItem     Description
ACD Audio HeaderIFront Panel Connector
BModem TAD ConnectorJSpeaker
CWake On Lan ConnectorKFan Connector
DTamper DetectionL2 Cable/ 3 Cable Fan Connector Jumper (JP3)
EPrimary IDEMRiser Card Gold Finger Edge Connector
F3 COM LAN Jumper (JP7)     NRJ45 Network Interface Connector
GSecondary IDEOISA Slots
HFloppy ConnectorPPCI Slots



J5G1Normal1-2The BIOS uses current configuration information and passwords for booting.
 Configure2-3After POST, CMOS Setup runs automatically. The maintenance menu is displayed.
 RecoveryNoneThe BIOS attempts to recover the BIOS information. A recovery diskette is required.



Sound Blaster Live! causes modems to lockup on Powermate 8100 series. To solve this, download BIOS upgrade version P15 from Packard Bell's support site. This revision was written specifically to resolve this issue.